Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Burgos is a very beautiful and cultural city, here you can see a lot of interesting things like a new museum about human evolution and Atapuerca´s discoveries, we have a gothic cathedral and a very old castle which was destroyed by the French. We have green zones too like Fuentes Blancas and El Parral where you can make barbecues with your friends.
Burgos has a very big skatepark where skate the best skaters of Spain and we have the best biker of spain Daniel Peñafiel `Naran´. We have some party areas like Las Llanas with some pubs and in the other side of the city we have a disco, and you can enjoy a few cold beers in San Juan st. We have a long river to walk or swim in some cases.
we have an espectacular fountain called The Dolphins Fountain where you can celebrate the spain victories.
by: Fernando Alonso

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