Sunday, 17 October 2010


My name is Diego and I´m 14 years old. I was born fifth of april in 1996 in Burgos. I live in Burgos too with my family. I have 2 brothers they are called Emilio who is my twin brother and Cesar who is my old brother. He is 19 years old and now he is studying in the university of Madrid. My mum is called Magdalena and he is from Sotopalacios a village of Burgos. My father is called Jose Felix and he was born in Villanueva Rio Ubierna which is a small village near Burgos. My hobbies are go out with my friends, have siesta and play football and I´m in a football team that is called Firestone. I like pop and rock music. In the school the subjects hat I like most are E.P. and english and the subjects that I hate most are science and history.

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