Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Burgos is a small city in the North of Spain. It's a humble city with a lot of culture. Burgos is very old, you just have to see all the buildings. If you ask someone about Burgos, he/she'll probably tell you about the cathedral.

The cathedralis called Santa María and is a catholic temple dedicated to the virgin Mary. The cathedral is a gothic construction. It's really big and impressive.

The typical food is black pudding, made of the porc's blood. I don't really like it, but is ok :).

The weather is so weird: you have 1ºC in the morning and 17ºC in the afternoon. I hate Burgos' weather. I'm from the South =P.

Burgos is a small city but there're a lot of things you can do like skating, playing sports, walking to the centre...

Burgos is ok but it's not my favourite place in the world


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