Tuesday, 19 October 2010

my city


Burgos is a city wich is situated in the north-centre of Spain.
It is a very beautiful city because it has got a lot of monuments, such as the cathedral or Las Huelgas monastery.
In Burgos you can also visit the MEH which is a museum of the history of the humanity from the beginning to nowadays. From my point of view, externaly it isn´t a beutiful building, but the expositions are very good.
In the outskirts you can also visit the Cartuja of Miraflores which is a very beautiful monastery where the monks live.
Near the Cartuja you can walk across Fuentesblanca´s park, aplace where you can play, you can walk and you can have a picnic or a babecue with your family at the weekends.

I think that Burgos is a very interesting city that you sould visit.

by: A. Blanco

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