Monday, 18 October 2010

me and my speech!

hi readers! My name is Daniel Vázquez Gonzalez. I live in Burgos and my hobbies are swimming, playing piano, traveling, cooking (the best thing that I cook are the lentils).
I have a brother.
I have been in a lot of countries.
My birthday is the 15th of June.
I don´t like maths.
I like sciences and I like the
Here my speech:

The Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world.
The hotel has 321 meters of height and it´s built on an artificial isle.
The construction was started in 1994 and the hotel was open the first of December of 1999.
It´s done with form of sail.
In the highest par of the hotel there are: an tennnis ground, or an heliport and a very expensive restaurant.
The hotel has 7starts and 202 suites. The smallest suite has 180m and it costs 1600$ a night. The biggest suite has 780m and it costs 28.000$ a night ( It´s the real suite). It´s the best suite in the world. In in you have a private cinema, 27 telephones, some jacuzzis, a lot of TVs (the smallest has inches(pulgadas)).
All the suites are made with the best materials in the world: gold, silver, marble
The Al Mahara is one of the 9 restaurants wich the hotel has. It under the water and it´s very expensive (caro).
The hotel has 18 lifts (ascensores) and a lot of swimming pools.

The building has been designes by WS Atkins and it has been paid fot the duabi´s emir. The building has cost 1.500 million of $.

If you want to enter to the hotel you have to pay 250$. If you want to play on the tennis ground you have to pay 600$.

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